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God Descent - It's all About the Elements!


Greetings all!

Once again it's Gods of Descent time!

If you're wondering why players stay up late up until 0:00 hrs it's to start Gods Descent early, and doing so doesn't hurt.

Gods descent is a feature where you are pitted against specific "elementally based" Monsters. Think Atoll bosses only on a slightly easier to kill level. You beat them the same way you would any other monster boss, you, your sylph and troops all fight.

There are 5 bosses in each tier of combat, and each boss will likely take more than 1, 2 or 3 attempts to kill. The monsters do not regain their HP after each attempt, but will regain full HP after around a set amount of time. 

You have a limited amount of chances and time to hit the bosses unless you want to pay balens (and some people do). Try not to spend balens if you don't have to.

The rewards are worth it:

Point rewards are given at the end of Gods Descent, and they are all sylph related. For most this is the only place you can get those rewards. It is worth participating in even if you don't make it into top 10 or gain a lot of points you'll still receive some very decent rewards.

Strategies and Tips for Gods Descent:

Gods descent is about hitting and killing the monster bosses as fast as possible, so work quickly.

The key to killing a boss quickly is to note their element and use it to your advantage.

How Elements work is as follows:

Fire (Amazon and Cerberus)  Beats Wind (Pan and Medusa)

Water (Iris and Triton)  Beats Fire (Amazon and Cereberus)

Electro (Gaia/Eve and Hercules)  Beat Water (Iris and Triton)

Wind (Pan and Medusa) Beats Electro (Gaia/Eve and Hercules)

Light (Apollo and Athena) Beats Dark (Hades and Aegis)

Dark (Hates and Aegis) Beats Light (Apollo and Athena)

So when facing a monster choose the sylph and or resistance cystals (you can convert them) that will beat the element you are facing.


If I'm facing a water monster I would arm my Electro - Gaia/Eve/Hercules Sylph for the best chance of beating the monster.


You can also choose to fight a monster with a similar element sylph, Fire vs Fire, etc. Doing this can help you gain a defense boost against the monsters element.


I'm facing a Water monster, and I use my iris/Triton in battle, I will have some defense against water.

Strategy for Gods Descent:


Sylphs are key to getting just about anywhere in gods descent.

  • Ideally have a roster of sylphs of each elemental type.
  • The grade (star rating) of a sylph doesn't initially matter - A white sylph can be just as effective as a green, blue, purple, or evolved sylph.
  • Pace yourself through battles with your sylph. Use your defensive skills as well as runes (specifically Brutality) in your attack.
  • Using runes effectively can often double the amount of damage you can do.
  • Pay attention to the skills you choose to use, some will not work on bosses in battles, this includes certain runes (purge rune and I believe Haunt will not work on certain bosses after a certain point).

Character Strategy

  • Use your sylphs, but also remember your job is to deal as much damage as quickly as possible.
  • Potions are useful and do work in God's Descent.
  • You can convert  your resistance crystals to the specific element you're facing. It's best to convert your highest level crystals to the element you are facing (it costs gold but it is worth the effort in this event).

There are undoubtedly specific strategies by specific character classes and the different monsters faced (they all have names),  that may be useful, I'm hoping fellow posters will list a few below (feel free to add on).

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