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Cross Server Guild Battle - CSGB - Strategy and Thoughts?


Post any strategies and thoughts about CSGB I thought we did well for ou$r first time.

See News (on top) for next CSGB date and time. You might miss Amethyst mine, but CSGB rewards are really worth missing it.

We need everyone to participate! It doesn't matter how strong or weak you are, we all share in the same rewards.

If you're not in the participant list please ask to join!

My thoughts on our first Cross Server Guild Battle.

1. The teams can be difficult to keep together. There was no map function, so using follow was not possible. This makes it vital for team members to coordinate their communication as to living status and where the team is intending to go. Coordinated movement can help to ensure that teams stay together in fights and open up the opportunity to distribute heavier and lighter players equally.

2. If we can earn points continuously by occupying all of the totems, then it is worth our effort to attempt to occupy all of the totems. We should focus teams on this, along with a team to grab one or both of the defense towers.

3. Reportedly, the tank is affected by the occupant's HP, so it should be occupied by someone with medium to high HP. This function should be addressed by the crystal team(s) as they should be working both to collect crystal, but also to prevent the other team from getting any.

This is where observation becomes theory: all teams not charged with occupying towers or totems should collect crystal and serve defensive functions to prevent the opponent from doing the same. These teams can also be called to towers / totems to reinforce or retake. Again, these teams will need to communicate well among themselves, but also be mindful of what the other teams are doing.

Consistency will be key! Please try to show up for every battle!

Also, if you are concerned about missing Ammy Mine, do it during off hours, and go to the 2nd level for greater rewards. There will be few or no other players to challenge you except during the daily event.
My HP isn't all that fantastic and I rocked the tank for the first 35 minutes... Here's what I noticed/think.

1) Don't let people get into combat with you, if they come at you and you can't laser them to death first, flee and laser or get a tower or another tank to laser them.

2) If you get shot from a tower or another tank, run asap, this is how you lose the tank. Camp safely at a distance and laser people to death.

3) Try to be "near" someone that can enter combat with you if you get into a fight, end the fight fast. A tank can kill more people faster outside of combat, hence, make more points.

4) 3 tanks should be grouped up together at all times just like in tanks. Most combatants will die in 1-2 (3-6) shots from what I saw.

Maybe I'm just partial... but it was awesome :-D
I recommend SugarAddict's immediate promotion to tank team commander.

Yes i also agree with sugar , many of us were struggling to move around together with our groups either because of the major lag that was active then or we weren't able to move at all. Though it was a really great challenge also a new experience for us all we did enjoy it to the fullest. And we cannot wait for round 2!!! 

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