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Wilds Strategy - Raiding, bosses, etc.

Strategies for Wilds Raiding, Bosses, etc.

Thought it was time to address some strategies about Wilds. Some of this is pretty basic but here's a few things that may be helpful:

The basic idea of Wilds is to run around raiding other players castles, and to hunt and defeat monsters and bosses. Different bosses give different rewards and there are some very good rewards in wilds, including gold and  Mystery Stones (red egg looking things), which can be used at the Wilds Shop in Cloud City.(I'll cover Some things about Wilds shop likely in another post)

The layout of wilds is as follows:

Wilds has 5 sections basically divided by levels, however once unlocked a person can move between any of the 5 sections.

Autaric Plains (lvl 11-20)
Murken Fores (lvl 20-30)
Fetid Swamp (lvl 31-40)
Deathly Sands (lvl 41-50)
Erandel (lvl 51+)

You move between sections by teleporting your castle to them. Within sections you can also teleport and move your castle to different coordinates.

Teleporting takes up energy no matter if you're moving your castle between sections or changing it's coordinates within a section.

About energy levels and teleporting:

You can check on your energy level in wilds by going back to your city and clicking on Mystics gate.

Energy levels renew at the servers reset time, and generally all teleports cost 100 units of energy.

If you're not teleporting your castle you can also teleport yourself around wilds. This is especially useful if you're in a party looking for bosses. You can instantly teleport to the coordinates given. This is usually less time consuming than running to the given coordinates.

How to add Energy WITHOUT spending balens:

If you're out of energy you can do 2 things to renew it. The first is to buy energy which uses balens, or use Energy Cores which are free. Wartune will not use up the Energy Cores in your inventory automatically if you want to refill your energy. Instead you have to click on the Energy Cores in your inventory to use them.  (I bold this because it's pretty much a waste of balens to buy energy when you have cores).

Use your Energy Cores and use them Wisely.

A few points about Monsters and Bosses:

  • If you're in a party you and your party members have to be close to the given boss or monster to battle them.
  • Try to make sure everyone is ready before you engage a monster or a boss while in a party.
  • If you fail to defeat a monster or boss you get teleported back to your castle so Remember the coordinates of the boss, they'll still be there and you can have another run at them.
  • Sometimes groups and parties will "call" bosses or monsters. This means they have a party or group pretty much standing at the ready to take down a given monster. While they don't officially have "dibs" on the monster it's considered rude to run in and "take" the monster out. It does happen though. 
  • Be aware that other groups can take your monster or boss, so be very careful when calling out coordinates. If you're concerned about this avoid giving out Coordinates via World and Current chat. Guild chat and party chat are typically safe.

A few notes about Parties:

Parties are smart ways to explore wilds very quickly and to defeat difficult bosses. Keep in mind however that Wilds can take a while to load on different computers, so much so that it can be very difficult to participate in.

  • Be patient with different party members
  • If you're facing a difficult boss/monster and need a higher level player, please ask someone nicely to leave before booting them (this goes for MPD's etc as well).

A few strategy tips about Exploring wilds:

Wilds is huge and dark which is annoying. A player can use "Divine Light" to lift the darkness for a limited amount of time. In general you can grab and scroll the screen quickly when the light is "on" to find monsters and bosses. Alternately you can do this in a party and cover even more space. When someone casts divine light in one section of the world map it carries over to ALL sections on the world map. Do feel free to use someone else's light when it's cast because, hey free light!

Sometimes guilds and parties will use one divine light after another to make note of where different monsters or potential raiding targets are. (I personally call this flash-lighting or a disco party.) Again feel free to use the light but once it's over you might want to move your castle if you're getting frequently raided (more on this later)

That's about all I can think of at the moment, I'll cover Plundering players in another post.

Please feel free to reply and add to this post with ideas or tips. Any help will be useful!

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