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Greetings all,

I've been playing Wartune for about a year now and I wanted to share a few things about what successful players do as far as general strategy. None of this is class specific but these are generally things that good players consistently do, both cashers and non-cashers.

  1. Most people have VIP membership - yes it costs money but it does save time and gold. I've tried numerous times to get a character going without VIP and the cooldown time makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere in this game. :P
  2. Saving items for events - There are 2 views on items in Wartune. The first spends them immediately, the second saves them for events. And dang is it hard to save for events. I have literally sat on 10k of soul crystals waiting for an event to spend them on, and thankfully was richly rewarded for the wait. Not only do events come around that Double the item you have but they usually also give you additional items. The downside in waiting for events is that they take up vault and inventory space. Our guild has the biggest vault size you can get so use it wisely.
  3. Gems - Remember about saving items? Gems are really important but they take up a lot of space. Wait for a gem synth event and you can double your high level gems quite easily. To save space convert the gems you receive from any in game activity to HP (white) gems. That way the pile of gems you have will only take up 9 or 10 spaces instead of your entire inventory
  4. Free Mounts - It takes time to get the free mounts in game but it is worth the effort. Recent activities have free mounts attached to them. Basically you do the activity and you get a mount spirit or some other item to save until you have enough to buy the mount. Mounts stats and power stack. Meaning the more mounts you have the more powerful you'll be.
  5. Guild Skills - Spend the gold (usually given after guild battle) to max out your guild skills. Guild skills add to your over all stats and even if you move guilds can't be taken away. You have to contribute contributions to get them. Keep in mind your particular character's class and what will be most useful to you.
  6. Astrals - Go for Red astrals and keep the ones you get. It's worth spending the gold on them and saving up for relevant class specific reds and yellows.
  7. Academy - Build the skills in your academy - period - they count for a lot of your stats.
  8. Farming - Ideally always plant kyanite in your farm. Kyanite is spent in your academy on blessing wheel and on skills, keep planting the highest level you can get (you don't need to buy the balen seeds for this to do well).
  9. Leveling and Holy Seal - Generally a character should level slowly in Wartune so they can build up their battle rating as they go. To keep from leveling too fast you can put your EXP into your Talents including the Holy Seal skill. (I'll make a post about this later) Holy Seal can be a super powerful and useful skill and some of the Talents are class specific and vital to a player.
  10. Do your Daily quests - This should be number one on the list but it bears mentioning whether you want to gain EXP or not, this is how you get items with catacombs gems and EXP.
  11. Sylphs - Sylphs in the game have become more and more vital to a players power and BR. It's worth having sylphs of multiple type. Many people have preferences on sylphs they like and those they don't, but all of them have their strengths worth getting to know (I can post more about this later).
  12. Sticking with the game and Friends - This kind of goes along with doing Daily Quests, but remember to log in and do your quests and stick with the game. Have fun! It is a game! Make friends who can help you throuhg dungeons and help you build your character :) This is some of the best parts of playing a game like Wartune.

That's all I can think of for now, please feel free to add more content to this thread.

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