Guild Rules

Guild Rules - incl chat


General Guild Rules - incl chat

1st - Kicking someone is a decision that is never an easy one or one that is taken lightly. Ast GM's and GM's don't like kicking people, generally we like to help people! Our goal is to play a great game, learn, and have fun. Yes, it is just a game, but that doesn't mean people's feelings can't be hurt.

2nd - Conflicts in Wartune seem to be the result of problems in communication. Face it we have text on a screen to chat and convey a whole mess of information and it's rarely enough. Since Wartune isn't likely to have video chat anytime soon we're stuck interpreting text on a screen. Try to PM (private message) out conflicts between specific players if you can, though sometimes a resolution may not be possible.

3rd - Regardless of how you feel about our guild rules, Wartune does have a ToS (Terms of Service) which does cover abusive language, etc. Pretty much the rules from the ToS carry over to the guild. That said here are the main points:

  • Don't be abusive to other players.
  • Don't swear, or use offensive language

The full ToS can be found here ->

If you really want to know the specifics in the ToS a quick google term search can help you find it.

The following are Guild Rules (subject to change) that aren't in the ToS (most of which should be commonsense):

Chat rules (This includes World Chat (WC), Current Chat (CC) and Guild Chat(GC))

  • Be nice, welcome newcomers, feel free to ask and answer questions.
  • Don't dominate guild chat (this is a bit vague on purpose, there's lots of latitude here).
  • Keep chat appropriate to a 13+ age group.

If someone breaks the chat rules:
Contact a guild officer or Ast GM and tell them about the violation. They should be able to talk to the person involved and hopefully resolve the issue.

Sometimes it's useful (if no one is on or officers etc can't do anything) to take a screen shot: This page shows you how

How to Handle Problems:

Try to settle it by talking to the person, but if that doesn't work
Ask questions, and or contact a Guild Master (GM), Ast Guild Master (Ast GM), or Guild Officer.
The Ast or GM will try to resolve the conflict usually by giving a warning.

It's only after repeated warnings, or after repeated attempts at curbing the problem have failed, that someone is kicked. It's a last resort and rarely are people happy with being kicked - the exception being when a person asks  to be kicked  in order to avoid the guild joining time-out. Our guild has an open door policy, if someone wishes to leave they can, if they want to join they can.


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Our guild is a pretty diverse group of people. We welcome newcomers and old, big and small of any class or level. This site is here to help collaborate and ask for help.
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Please read the Guild Rules and keep them in mind.

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