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I am LunaMagnus. I have been playing Wartune for just over a year. I am Female, 37, from Minnesota.

I am madpig been playing wartune for about 2 months ,I'm male and 21+ a few LOL live in the UK so do miss a lot of guild events but happy to help when i can.

My name is Joe,  and I play as Bellicosa. I am 36, and the married father of two girls who love to watch me play. I have lived in Washington state nearly all of my life. I love to fight in Guild Battle and loot Aristocrats. When I am not online or working,  I enjoy playing guitar, usually some kind of outlaw country or roots rock music.


I'm Michelle and I play Draga. I live in the hinterlands of northeast Nevada with my husband and 2 of my 4 kids. I've been playing Wartune for about 2 weeks now and am really enjoying the game and the guild :)


I'm SugarAddict, and I am truly a sugar addict.  I hit the day after sales and leave with a whole cart full of candy.  I make divinity all year round, my father owns a bakery that I raid, and my cubicle at work has always been labeled "Willy Wonka" by other people. (It NEVER had my name on it.)

My name is Rob, 33, Oregon.  I'm a System Engineer (read as: programmer, technology expert, SCCM admin, go-to fix-it guy, lol) for a mid sized nonprofit.  Best. Job. Ever. 

I've been playing for, I dunno... a month?  All the random things to do are fun, a really mixed bag game, once you get past the bugs and annoying "pay for this!" buttons.

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