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Wilds Strategy - All about Raiding and Plundering


All about Raiding and Plundering in Wilds


In Wilds you can Plunder and Raid other castles (players) and Mines.

Mines give you gold and the higher the level the more gold per hour you get.

You can plunder other players a certain amount of times a day and receive gold, daru and kyanite. It's also a part of your daily quests so there's a bonus there as well. Alternately, if someone successfully plunders you, you can at least lose gold. If you're successfully hit repeatedly you can lose a significant amount of gold.

To a degree you can only be plundered, or plunder, someone who is within 10 levels of your level. Whether you win or lose the battle either way, the castle you hit or your castle, enters a state of protection for about an hour. You'll also get a nifty mail that is also sent to the person you hit, which tells you the coordinates of the person you battled or hit you, and whether you won or lost. Both parties get this mail so there really isn't a way to anonymously hit someone.

A few tips for raiding:

  • Just because the person you're raiding is at the same level as you does not mean they have the same BR as you. Their BR may be much higher and it's worth it to check levels before choosing a target

What to do if you're being repeatedly raided:

If you're being repeatedly raided and losing a lot of gold there are a few things you can do to stop or at least limit the amount of raiding.

1. Obviously get stronger - focus on defense and upping your BR, upgrading your troops, adding defense gems, etc. There are a number of things you can do to make yourself stronger. Feel free to ask for help and advice from other players in the guild.

2. Move your castle around - Some guilds and people do scout wilds looking for specific players and targets. If you move your castle around the section of wilds you're in or move your castle to another area this can significantly stop getting hit. Also, try to avoid the edges of the map - when people explore wilds they will run along the edges to find monsters and targets, the same with corners.

3. Use your gold - If someone raids you when you don't have gold they don't get much gold in return. Do invest your gold in Guild Skills, Astrals and other useful items.

3. If you're still getting hit repeatedly by the same person - PM your attacker or send a mail and ask them nicely to stop. Most players will stop raiding you if you ask them to (ideally). However they also might have friends who continue to raid you, if so keep asking them to stop and continue to move your castle. Likewise if someone asks you to stop raiding them, please stop.

4. If you have PM'd or mailed them and they're still raiding you, talk to one of the Ast GM's or GM, who can then talk to the person or their guild's GM. This should be a last resort. Most other guilds' GM's and officers will tell the person to cool it on the raiding. Likewise if someone in the guild gives you a warning to stop raiding please stop raiding them.

5. There are ALWAYS other targets in wilds.

and Finally...

A Note about Mine Etiquette:

In the wilds, there are a ton of mines and treasure chests. Generally it's frowned on to take over an occupied mine. It's pretty easy to find another high level mine in wilds, just as it's easy to find other monsters in wilds. Keep that in mind when exploring.

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Just a quick personal note here:
Wilds is one of the Player Vs Player - PVP aspects of the game that I'm not all that fond of and I really don't engage much in. I think as of this posting it's been many months since I raided anyone. One way to not be raided is to simply not engage in raiding. There are many other daily activities in Wartune to engage in. Remember to have fun.

Yeah, what Luna said.

In addition, if you are going to earn gold and kyanite by plundering opponent cities on a regular basis, you may incur the wrath of the friends and spouses of your victims. Especially if you find/exploit someone who pays off well. It is in your interest to complete your five daily plunder attempts quickly, then move your city. The message sent to your victim's inbox will have coordinates for your city's location when you hit them. If you do find someone worth hitting again, the message in your inbox is good for 3 days after it's opened, so when you're ready to hit them again, open that message, click on their location and if you're still on the right map, it will take you there. Click in the middle of the screen, and when you finally get there, hopefully, they haven't moved and you can strike again.

If you are one of those with pitchfork wielding marauders constantly outside your gates just waiting for the city protection token to expire, consider the following:

1. The higher level players, by and large, are mostly found in Erandel and Desert Sands. Their numbers are less dense in the Murken Forest, Autauric Plain and the swamp. So, consider moving your city to a lower level map. You may still plunder players up to 9 levels below you, so if you're a mid level player, your prospects may be better anyway. Also, the forest and even desert are much larger than Erandel, so the few higher level players working that map have a smaller chance of randomly finding you and plundering you on their way to the next wilds boss, etc.

2. Remember that when you transport your city to a new map, you are generally placed in the center of the map. Along with everyone else who just transported there, or ever transported there and are too lazy to move. This means that when stronger players do go to that map, your city might just be next to theirs, ripe for the picking. Try to move your city toward the edges of the map (whatever world you're in), but try not to be on the extreme edge. I find that not only do I get hit (when I get hit) when I am in the center or the , I also find when doing wilds hunts, these are the most heavily traveled areas. So for example, instead of (0,0), try (75,125).

3. Various leaders in this guild have tried to build partnerships with certain other guilds. I prefer to hit Aristocrat because they are bigger than us, now The Pack is as well. If you can avoid hitting folks from Earthship, it would likely be in the best interest of our Guild.

4. Alternately, when you find cities with N/A above the player name, they're not in a guild, and are often inactive players. They still accumulate gold up to the capacity of their city's warehouse, and often are a good target unless they've been within the last day or so. 

5. If you're getting hit repeatedly by the same person, please let me know. Especially if you're above level 53. If I can beat them, I'll ride for you. If not, we can at least blast their location in guild chat for someone else to hit. This also applies to obnoxious players from other guilds, regardless of level, who just need to be plundered. Call out their name / coordinates in guild chat while you're hunting wilds. In a guild this big, there's probably someone online who would like to plunder that player. 

Thank you Luna for starting up this guide project!


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